I don't know why I feel the need to go there today, but I'm going to go there. I've been operating in a "Do Not Talk Politics On Social Media" mode as of late, but in these uncertain times I feel like that is the opposite of what we should be doing. 

While yes, we should be TALKING about politics, the more important part (and the part that we are missing) is that we should be LISTENING to each other about politics.  

I recently had an awesome Girls Night at my house. We caught up over (lots) of wine about relationships, kids, travel, and eventually politics. And it was such a GREAT conversation. YES! It was actually great. 

We all fall on different ends of the political spectrum and discussed what matters to us most and why we voted or didn't vote the way we did. We all listened to each other's sides, understood them, and more importantly respected those differences.

People who voted for Trump may have done so because they work for small businesses and the tax cuts would help their jobs. They don't automatically hate gay people because they did so. 

People who voted for Hillary may align with her views on the social side. That doesn't mean they are automatically Socialists. 

These days everyone wants to put you in a category - Republican, Democrat, Feminist, Part of the Resistance, etc. But during our talks we agreed we were all down the MIDDLE on lots of things. The problem is that with this party system, the middle doesn't exist, you are forced to choose. 

I remember when I took a test in high school I scored a 50. Dead on, right in the middle. And that's how I would still characterize my beliefs to this day.  All of my girl friends from all walks of life seemed to fall in the middle too - but there is a major problem - no one is willing to compromise in Congress and reach that middle ground. 

If they won't do it. How about we do? . 

In honor of Memorial Day, let's try to do more listening. In the wake of the Manchester attacks, let's try to do more loving. 

So, a big thanks to my gal pals for showing me that while our elected officials may be obsessed with party lines, we may All have differing political beliefs, but still reserve our right to a good party.