Neve Kyler Kelley
Born February 28, 2018 at 7:16pm
9 lbs. 2 oz. 20.5 inches

we are all snuggled in at home, but this past wednesday, we added another little gal to the mix! like her father, she decided to procrastinate and take her time during labor until making a grand entrance at the very end. 

let's just say the nurse is the one who caught my baby while I yelled, "it's coming!" (a story you know i will undoubtedly share with you all in due time...)

i've never had a sister, so i'm excited for rynn & Neve to get to experience that friendship. get ready for a lifetime of matching outfits ladies...sorry, but I'm the one buying. 

one day when neve is old enough to understand, i will explain to her why she is so important to our family and that the timing of her coming to this world was absolutely perfect. if it wasn't for her, we would have been at that vegas concert and our lives would have never been the same. she was looking out for us even before she arrived!

well, i know these months ahead are going to be rough with two. i still can't wrap my head around it. but my only goal is stay present, don't wish the hard times away and to relish in the good ones. 

all i hope to do is raise two strong, confident, and kind women. (insert flexing arm emoji here.)