Welp, for those who don’t know, I believe we’ve pulled off our final “South Bay Slip.”

We had a trip slated for the end of June to celebrate birthdays in Ohio when Kyle received word about a great job opportunity with Cardinal Health in Columbus. 

Our vacation abruptly turned into a ‘staycation,’ giving us one week to squeeze in goodbye dinners, sell both cars, and move 4 bedrooms, 2 kids, and a dog across the country. 

To say this Past month has been insane would be putting it mildly. I think we secretly crave decisions that result in a constant state of migraine. 

We’ve gotten a lot of “Why would you ever leave California?” questions. Honestly, pre-children, I never would have. But our priorities have completely changed. 

I know it sounds corny but I want to give my kids a magical childhood - full of tree houses, lightning bugs, and snow angels. The Midwestern childhood that made me who I am is the one I want to for them too. 

Last year we bought land, sight unseen. We weren’t sure if it would be an investment or if we would actually move back someday. People who have never tended to a yard more than 5 feet wide probably Shouldn't build a house on 5 acres, but remember what I said about the whole migraine thing? 

L.A. - you made our career dreams come true and allowed us to live one hell of a life. Talk to me in December and I will likely severely regret leaving you, but it was time to come home. 

Ohio - If I never left you, I would have never appreciated all of the quiet, simplicity, and space you have to offer. We now know why the saying, “It takes a village,” exists, And are happy that we will be closer to ours. 

I still haven’t processed all of the craziness of these past weeks and what lies ahead, but although everything still doesn’t feel real, it does feel right.