They say being a parent can be a thankless job, but as I look back on February 28, 2018 and all that has happened in life since my second child erupted into this world - it is my sweet and resilient baby who I owe all of my thanks. 

Neve Kyler Kelley - 

Thank you Nevie for rolling with the punches. At three months old, we uprooted you and brought you from the West Coast to a distant land called The Midwest. And once arriving, we moved four times in a time span of 6 months. To say we were not stressed a majority of your early months would be a lie, but we tried to make the best of it, and so did you.  You may have lived in the same 4 pajamas and played with the same 3 toys, because frankly we didn’t know where the hell anything else was or what box it was thrown in, but you could have cared less. 

Thank you Nevie, for bearing with me. I know I wasn’t myself after the move. Your Type-A, control freak mama was trying to figure out your future house, her future career, how to make enough milk for you, and how to get your sister to stop anxiously pacing around the room and actually take a dump in the toilet. It was my mama who helped me through this summer and I hope to have that same friendship with you some day.

Thank you Nevie for being You.  From your choice of pacifier to your foot size, straight out of the womb, you’ve made it clear you are opposite than your sister. I thought I had it all figured out, and you came along with completely different needs and quirks proving to your mom even though she thought she knew a little something about motherhood - she in fact, knows nothing at all.

Thank you Nevie for your belly laughs. God I love them. you are my first child to serve up those “You-Tube worthy” giggles. you’ve been so sick this last month with the flu, ear infections, & febrile seizures/breath hold spells. We both haven’t slept mucH - you, because you dont’ feel good, me, because i’ve been worried sick. But thankfully you are are on the mend and letting out those laughs again - just in time for your big day.

So, even with all I’ve tried to teach you this year, through your toughness and ability to smile through it all, it seems like you’ve taught me even more.

Happy Birthday sweet Neve. I love you!